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Our Pick’s For The Best Layers

The Best Chickens For Egg Production


Overall Egg Production!
Rhode Island
Leghorn (White)
Both have been known to be a bit flighty –
many people have reported that these breeds are not friendly.

Friendly Chickens With Good Egg Production

Australorp Medium Brown Eggs
Delaware Large Brown Eggs
Easter Eggers Large Eggs Green/Blue/Pink
Faverolle Medium Creamy Tint Eggs
Plymouth Rock Large Brown Eggs
Red and Black Star Large Brown Eggs
Sussex Medium-Large Creamy Brown Eggs
Wyandotte Medium-Large Brown Eggs
Several breeds combine good egg laying with a friendly disposition.

These breeds do not produce quite as many eggs as the breeds listed above, but the will give you eggs nearly everyday.

Chickens that lay medium to large eggs with a friendly personality we recomend these breeds



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